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The research performed at the UMCG creates impact on society in a large variety of ways: from improving welfare, developing new technology, starting new companies to influencing policy at local, national and EU level.

To help UMCG researchers, clinicians and support staff improve their views on impact and broaden their collaborations, we offer you workshops.

Workshop 1: Impact planning
Workshop 2: Scientific storytelling
Workshop 3: Social media for research
Workshop 4: Podcast - Learn to voice your story

Free of charge

If you have any questions about the workshops contact research support.

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    Workshop 1: impact planning (UMCG)

    Planning of Societal Impact In this 1,5 hour course, participants will learn how to make a plan to increase the societal impact of their research projects. Participants will make a 'pathway to impact', much in the same method that is used in both EU Horizon and NWO funding. In this method, researchers will bridge the gap between academic output and societal impact by bringing about change with identified stakeholders. In this interactive workshop you will develop a better understanding of which steps need to be taken for your academic output to lead to impact. Which stakeholders are relevant for your research line? Which outcomes do you want to see coming about? And what indicators are you going to use to see whether you are on the right track? For whom is this workshop This workshop is for all researchers Trainer Tim van Veen, Impact Officer of the UMCG. Questions? Please contact t.p.van.veen@umcg.nl

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    Workshop 2: Scientific storytelling (UMCG)

    In this workshop, you will hear about why and how scientific storytelling is useful for you as a researcher. Through two exercises, you will learn methods to distill your main research theme and transport it, in a concise way, to various audiences. The workshop takes approximately 1.5 hours and can be done both online and in person. Ideally, the group should not be bigger than 20 persons in order to benefit from the interactive nature of this workshop. For whom is this workshop This workshop is concentrating on the basic skills of scientific storytelling and therefore is ideal for PhD students and early postdocs. Trainer Anja Smykowski is a former researcher, scientific publisher, grant writer and storyteller. She is using storytelling techniques derived from screenwriting to transport scientific content. After all, science is not only about facts, but also about how you combine these facts to make sense. Question? Please contact a.b.smykowski@umcg.nl

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    Workshop 3: Social media for research (UMCG)

    In this workshop you will learn about the power of social media and how it can benefit your research. You will learn more about: the different social media channels and their users how to reach your target group how to define your key message measuring your impact pitfalls and practical tips for your social media presence This workshop will be interactive and you will go home with your own personal social media strategy. Using social media can contribute to your visibility as a researcher and increase the impact of your research. Curious how it can work for you? Join the workshop! For whom is this workshop This workshop is for all researchers who are interested in social media Trainers Laura Bodewes is communication advisor at the communication department. Larissa van der Wal is content specialist at the communication department. Cem Vorenkamp is visual advisor and content specialist at the communication department. Question? Please contact c.d.b.vorenkamp@umcg.nl

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    Workshop 4: Podcast - Learn to voice your story

    Do you want to know how to voice your story with a podcast? In this active workshop you will learn everything about setting up your own podcast. You will learn about: What is a podcast How podcasting works Decide a format How to reach your audience Who is the trainer? Paul van Duuren is trainee at the Impact Team. Questions? Please contact: p.j.p.van.duuren@umcg.nl