Research Data Management Awareness

This awareness e-module will help you think about and reflect on different aspects of data management (data collection, organizing, documentation, sharing and storage) in your research project. It will also provide you with guidelines to help ensure that the data in your project will be managed in such a way that the research can be verified and reproduced; raise awareness about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the obligation to protect the privacy of participants; provide you with basic insights into the FAIR principles and the Data Life Cycle and provide tools for and guidance in making your own data management plan.

Target Audience
This e-learning module is applicable for all research within the life sciences. It is freely available to all interested parties who perform research activities within the UMCG and is mandatory for PhD-students of the Graduate School of Medical Sciences (GSMS) at the starting phase of their research, preferably within the first six months.

(Author) Jitka Vavra.
If I am not available for any reason, please contact with the subject “Content RDM Awareness e-learning module”.

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