Organ Perfusion - Trimester 2 and 3

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Welcome to the second trimester of the course about organ perfusion. In this trimester we will focus on the organ-specific sections: Liver perfusion, Kidney perfusion, Lung perfusion, Heart perfusion and Normothermic regional perfusion.

Chapters that will be discussed during this trimester for all of these sections are:

  1. Anatomy and physiology
  2. Procurement and surgical backtable
  3. Donor
  4. Recipient
  5. Organ perfusion
  6. Transplantation
  7. Follow up

During the third trimester we will continue with the same sections. Then we will focus on the different perfusion protocols available, the transplant surgery and the recipient follow-up.

Wenckebach Institute for education and training
Rutger Groothuis , program coordinator
Veerle Langinga, organ perfusionist

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